High Heat Farm

Capsaicin Delivery Mediums

Welcome to the "farm"

High Heat Farm is a passion project. It is our excuse to grow rare chilis, explore the fermentation process, and create in the culinary area.

We strive to source everything from the property with very few exceptions. Having the farm-sourced constraint makes the sauces very limited in quantity and constantly changing in flavor profile. If a specific chili does not perform well during the growing season, the sauce based on it will not be made. You will see some sauces return year-over-year but nearly half of production is dedicated to the experiMENTAL series of mediums. The intention is not to make a staple product. Rather, we want to make bespoke, slightly crazy, products that are an experience to share.

We use organic gardening practices and leverage our hens to help manage pests and provide compost. We also use rainwater capture to reduce our city water use.

Over the years the space dedicated to the garden has grown and enabled additional production but we are still a very small operation.Sauces are available here.